Kub Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser + Refeel Cartridge Active Ingredient: Ethyl Alcohol 74% v/v (67% w/w)

Revolutionizing hand happiness!
Kub Premium is an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser that combines design, smart technology and high quality formulation to deliver the most unique hand hygiene experience.Imagine having your hands clean and moisturized at the same time. Sounds like a dream, right? A dream made reality by Touchland! Our moisturizing hand sanitizer is made with Aloe Vera, essential oils and other high-performance natural ingredients along with Denatured Ethyl Alcohol in order to kill germs without leaving hands dry or sticky. The elegant Kub Premium comes in black and it blends stylishly into any environment. In fact, youcan place it anywhere thanks to three different support options: table stand, wall-mount and floor stand. You can also choose between two battery options: Lithium Ion (suggested for residential use) and Type D (suggested for business use). Kub Premium comes bundled with REFEEL cartridges containing Touchland’s hand sanitizing solution.

REFEEL Cartridge
Discover the benefits of our unique solution formulated with Aloe Vera, essential oils and other moisturizing ingredients along with Denatured Ethyl Alcohol in order to kill germs without drying out your hands or leaving them a sticky residue. Touchland helps you and your clients protect your health, starting with your skin. REFEEL cartridges contain an aqueous solution that evaporates fast, leaving your hands feeling fresh and soft. Aren’t you curious to try out its delicate texture? We’ll give you two more reasons: its non-scented formula makes it perfect for any kind of business and the cartridge is very long-lasting, offering 1500 doses in high-dose setting and 2000 doses in low-dose setting. REFEEL cartridge is the only compatible cartridge with Kub & Kub Premium.

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