Are you looking to enable healthier environments with a cost effective yet elegant solution? Look no further: Kub is the touchless hand sanitizer dispenser that combines design, smart technology and high-quality formulation to deliver the most unique hand hygiene experience. Convenient, sophisticated and easy to maintain, it’s perfect for both your business and your home.

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touchless hand sanitizer dispenser

Kub Hand Sanitizer Dispenser + Refeels


Why a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser is convenient

Hands free sanitizer dispensers are easy to use and they offer an extra layer of protection, as they require no contact at all. You don’t have to press any pump (which sometimes can get stuck) that may have been touched by other people: all it takes is a good sensor that releases automatically the right amount of sanitizer when you place your hand below it. That’s why owning an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser rather than a manual dispenser is both safer and way more convenient. In fact, Touchland Kub’s uniquely designed catch tray ensures no spillage and one Refeel cartridge lasts up to twice as long as comparable gel or foam refill cartridges: a true money saver!  

You can place it anywhere

Ever wondered how to reorganize a space to make it look good and be functional at the same time? We kept that thought in mind when we designed Kub: its beautiful and convenient design makes it the perfect touchless hand sanitizer dispenser for both your business and your home, allowing your guests and your clients to keep their hands clean when they first walk in the door. The beauty of Touchland’s hands free sanitizer dispenser is that you can place it literally anywhere: it fits perfectly on counters and end tables, on the floor by an entry point, and it can even be mounted onto the wall! Wherever you don’t have easy access to soap and water, Touchland’s automatic hand sanitizer is there.  

Refill Touchland’s automatic hand sanitizer dispenser

REFEEL cartridges are the only ones compatible with our touchless hand sanitizer dispenser. Why is that, you may wonder? The answer is simple: Kub requires a cartridge specifically made to fit its smart and exclusive design. Plus, only REFEEL cartridges contain Touchland’s signature solution. Honestly, how many times have you walked into a store or a restaurant and the gel from the automatic hand sanitizer dispenser took forever to evaporate (sometimes even leaving a bad smell)? That’s just annoying. With Touchland Kub and its REFEEL cartridges you and your clients can wave goodbye to dry, sticky and smelly hands: REFEEL formula is non-scented, perfect for any kind of business, and its fast-absorbing solution is made with Aloe Vera, essential oils and other natural ingredients (along with Denatured Ethyl Alcohol), killing 99,9% of germs while leaving your hands moisturized!