Touchland scented hand sanitizer is your everyday ally! Think of all the moments in your day when water and soap are not available: that’s when you need a viable alternative for your hand hygiene, a hand sanitizer that will save you from getting sick and leaves your hands hydrated and smelling great at the same time!


Why Touchland Power Mist is a hand sanitizer?

Because it contains the ultimate active ingredient: denatured ethyl alcohol. Moreover, the alcohol percentage in Touchland hand sanitizer is 74% v/v (corresponding to 67% w/w). In fact, WHO-recommended alcohol-based handrubs formulations should contain at least 60% of ethanol. This means that Touchland Power Mist is in all respects a hand sanitizerthat will keep you healthy and safe in your everyday life...with a personal touch!  

Turn your daily routine around, with a scented hand sanitizer

We express ourselves and show our personalities every day, with the choices we make. Even the perfume we decide to wear says something about us. So, why not express ourselves when we choose a hand sanitizer? Each Touchland Power Mist scent has its intensity, its identity and its message to share. Lavander’s peacefulness, Vanilla’s sweetness, Mint’s power, Watermelon’s energy… 8 different hand sanitizer scents that make hand hygiene a moment of self-expression. Try them all, or fall in love with one fragrance, making it your signature scent. Discover all Touchland Power Mist scented hand sanitizers:  

The hydrating power of our scented hand sanitizer

Let’s face it, alcohol-based products make your hands all chapped and dry, which can be painful at the end of the day. Why is that? Because denatured ethyl alcohol, a powerful ally to destroy germs such as bacteria and viruses, has a dehydrating effect to the skin. At Touchland we decided to find a solution to this unpleasant side effect by creating a new moisturizing hand sanitizer. To reach this goal, we used important ingredients such as Aloe Vera, natural essential oils and Glycereth-26, an awesome humectant and lubricant that offers a smooth, luxurious feel. This formula allowed us to turn a plain hand sanitizer into a moisturizinghand sanitizer! Not bad, huh?  

How to use Touchland hand sanitizer?

Touchland hand sanitizer is very simple to use. Spray 2-3 times all over the surface of your hands and rub together until dry. Easy! The sanitizing mist will act within seconds and will release your favorite fragrance. Did we mention that you can choose your own scent? That’s right, with Touchland Power Mist scented hand sanitizer your hands will be clean, hydrated and smelling great. The whole package! And there’s more: our hand sanitizer is tested for long-term use. Bring it with you everywhere, use it everyday: on buses, at restaurants, in public restrooms, when you pay at the cashier’s desk or when you touch a doorknob. Your health - and your skin - will be grateful!

100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free

When we came up with Touchland hand sanitizer we had many goals in mind, and one of them was respecting all living beings. We bet that you too have or had a furry friend you care about, right? All Touchland team members certainly do, and that’s why we worked hard to make our hand sanitizer 100% vegan and cruelty-free: we do NOT test on animals and in our product’s INCI you won’t find any animal-derived ingredient. Touchland hand sanitizer is effective and conscious, the perfect ally to your health. Even our fragrances remind us of nature: our scented hand sanitizer smells of fresh air, fruits and flowers.  

Is Touchland hand sanitizer convenient?

In addition to all of Touchland hand sanitizer fabulous properties we’ve been describing, we are proud to say that our travel-size package allows you to carefully dose the quantity of product (avoiding waste), and at the same time it prevents spillage when it’s placed inside backpacks, bags or pockets. We know it happened to you before: how many times did a bottle suddenly open and ruin all of your things? With Touchland Power Mist you can forget about these kinds of incidents. And there’s more: a single Power Mist hand sanitizer contains more than 600 sprays. That’s 20 times more than other pocket-size hand sanitizers! So, we can definitely say that, yes, Touchland hand sanitizer is very convenient!  

Is there a gel version of Touchland scented hand sanitizer?

No, there isn’t a gel version of our scented hand sanitizer, and here’s why. When we researched the difference between spray hand sanitizers and gel hand sanitizers, we found out that sprays have a more immediate effect on germs. In fact, liquid sprays act faster, within 15 seconds, while a gel sanitizer acts within at least 30 seconds. Think about it: in our fast-pacing lives, 30 seconds are an eternity! Moreover, a couple of sprays are enough to cover the whole hand, while you’d need much more gel product to evenly cover the hand surface or it won’t be effective (and it would take forever to dry off). Of course, one could argue that a gel hand sanitizer could be the best option when it contains humectant ingredients like glycerin… and that’s the reason whywe added hydrating ingredients to our scented hand sanitizer, in order to make it a uniquely moisturizing hand sanitizer. A spray sanitizer is also useful for different purposes, like a quick sanitization of surfaces, doorknobs, pens etc., without making them sticky. Now tell us, are you still wondering whether a gel hand sanitizer is better than Touchland scented hand sanitizer?